Monday, March 29, 2010

Five Ways to Become Happier Today | Tal Ben-Shahar | Big Think

Some good advice here:

Five Ways to Become Happier Today | Tal Ben-Shahar | Big Think

Quick summary:

1) Accept that you are human and it's OK to experience painful emotions such as loss, jealousy, sadness.
2) Increase quality time with family and friends
3) 30-40 minutes of regular aerobic exercise per week (e.g. walking)
4) Be conscious of your blessings - write in a journal at the end of each day 4 or 5 things you're grateful for.
5) Simplify work and life. Do less. Switch your phone off for a while. Don't respond to emails immediately.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Must Poetry Not Make Much Sense

Why must poetry
not make much sense?
It should be simple,
like a picket fence.

It's not very long,
there's no excuse
To bother, complicate
and confuse.

The poor reader
has volunteered their time,
Show some respect,
Make it plain as wine.

All this self-indulgence
will not do.
Say what you mean,
I beg of you.

(March 14 2010)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Buford Twain's Quote for March 8 2010

"In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the stakes at issue."
-Wallace Stanley Sayre (1905-1972) U.S. political scientist and professor at Columbia University.

By way of corollary, the law adds: "That is why academic politics are so bitter." 

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