Monday, December 31, 2007

How to make a dog puke

Gentle reader,

The following is a quick story about what happened after my dog accidentally ate something that it shouldn't have. Maybe it will help someone else some day.

So, my 12-year-old dog was supposed to have gotten some medicine following an operation on its ear, and I (ahem) accidentally gave it two of wife's old anti-inflammatory pills, carefully wrapped in a piece of Kraft American "cheese"... Don't ask. I was having a bad day. Following the advice of the poison control center (which they billed my credit card $55 for) I did the following:

1) I made a trip to Walgreens to buy some hydrogen peroxide, 3%.
2) Mixed about 3 tablespoons of the hydrogen peroxide with something that I knew the dog would enjoy eating - vanilla ice cream.
3) Put down a bowl containing this mixture for the dog. The dog thought it was a great treat and lapped up the mixture, hehe.
4) About 5 minutes! What a mess.
5) It was VERY IMPORTANT to be around for the actual puking event. After a dog pukes, it will often try to override its stomach by re-eating whatever came out. I had to make sure I cleaned it up before that could happen. Gotta be quicker and smarter than the dog!
6) Patted myself on the back.
7) Try remember to NOT give the dog incorrect medication again!

I am happy to report that Rover (name changed to protect the innocent) is back to his usual good health and is happily eating out of the cat litter box again. Litter on the nose is a dead giveaway.

Time for today's quote...

Your every decision conspires to make this moment happen.
-Christi Philpott

Until the next time, gentle reader, I remain,

Your friend,

Buford Twain

PS - Happy New Year!


michael said...

three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide made frodo puke up 5 raisons which were stolen from me thanks for the help

Buford Twain's Profile said...

Michael, I'm glad it worked for you and thanks for stopping by.