Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are you going to die soon? What advice do you have?

Dear reader,

So I have been hatching an idea, for a while now, to have a web site that allows people who are close to death to post some last thoughts. I think that would be fascinating - what have they learned? what is truly important? what do they wish they had done differently? Any advice they might have? And so on. Sort of the ultimate exit interview, except they would get to set the agenda.

There's only one problem - I just don't have the motivation and time to actually get the project done.

So, instead, I thought, how about I create a blog post and then dying people can post their thoughts as comments?

This is that blog post.

I don't know if there are very many people who read this blog (I guess not very many) and it's not advertised, but you never know, maybe word of mouth will be enough to get a few comments. And if not, oh well, all I wasted is a few minutes of my time to create this post.

The comment section is open. I will be moderating though due to the spam that I get otherwise but I approve of comments quickly (couple of hours or less) most of the time if the comment was posted during the day.


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