Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is Barack Obama an Atheist President?

Outwardly, Barack Obama projects an image of himself as a good Christian man. He goes to church on Sunday and proclaims "God bless America". This has me wondering, is this a means to an end, or is Barack a true believer? After all, the young Barack was raised by a woman who, if not an atheist, was at the very least, agnostic. Ann Dunham, his mother, was a freethinker who was unencumbered by strong ties to a particular religion. She introduced Barack not just to one particular religion, but to the teachings of ALL major religions. Given this upbringing, coupled with his clear-thinking and intellectual nature, I find it somewhat difficult to believe that our future president is as much of a believer in Christianity as he professes to be. I would not be surprised if, at some point towards the end of his presidency, Barack reveals the truth. Of course, it would be best for his re-election chances if he does not mention this in the next four years... because as we all know, there really IS a huge religious test for office in the USA.


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