Monday, November 3, 2008

Movie of the Day

I am branching out - into the world of multimedia.

I just saw a movie that at first I thought was rubbish, and then thought, "well, maybe I am just too dumb to get it" - and then when I looked it up on realized that it was actually a great movie, but the message was slightly too subtle to get for someone like me, who is so used to being spoon-fed the plot. The movie is "Cache" (sorry, there should be a little accent on the final "e" but I am using an American keyboard), which means in French "hidden". The director clearly ranks because it stars the wonderful Daniel Auteiul and Juliette Binoche as two yuppie Parisians whose comfortable life is disrupted when they start to receive video tapes of themselves. Their life begins to slowly unravel, there are several sub-plots, and underlying each is The Big Question: who is sending these tapes? I won't spoil the movie, but suggest you check it out and pay particular attention when the credits roll.

Here's a link to the movie on IMDB: Cache

Happy watching!

-Buford Twain

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