Friday, November 7, 2008

No buying liquor on Sundays

Living in Indiana, whenever I go to the grocery store on Sundays I am reminded of how my rights have been compromised by the religious. I am unable to buy liquor on Sundays. While it may seem a minor inconvenience, it is a concrete and glaring manifestation of a failure of separate of church and state. To quote the wikipedia article on blue laws:

Many states still prohibit selling alcohol on Sunday, or at least before noon on Sunday, under the rationale that people should be in church on Sunday morning, or at least not drinking.

This law is outdated and needs to be changed.



Me said...

I don't even drink and I think the stores should be open on Sunday. In the state I am in, they are open on Sunday from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day (which I didn't know, just looked it up), and on Sunday if the town is within 10 miles of a state border that does sell liquor, which they never used to be open at all years ago. This is one of the things I never understood, because anyone can go out to a restaurant and buy drinks, but they don't sell it in a store on Sunday. Grocery stores? No liquor in grocery stores at all! Like I said, I don't even drink, but your post reminded me of the stupidity of things like this.

Buford Twain's Profile said...

me (I mean, er, you?) thanks for reading and commenting :)

One thing I didn't mention was that my 12 year old son was actually denied entry to the liquor store. This is apparently a law in Indiana - the clerk was embarrassed but she had to obey the law. I had brought him with, he had wanted to come along for the ride. I sent him off to the next door video store but found the whole thing pretty incredible in this day and age.