Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nice Robotic Arm Demo

Pretty cool...

From the link:

"Evan Reynolds, 19, got his hand and part of his arm ripped off in a car accident and has since been fitted with an i-LIMB, a robotic hand developed by an Apple/Star Wars fanboy. The i-Limb was developed by a Scottish company, Touch Bionics, and has won awards for its innovative technology. The total cost including the hand itself and the fitting is about £30,000. Time Magazine named the i-LIMB as one of the Top 50 inventions of 2008."



Me said...

That was quite impressive. It's nice how the arm and hand look so real. I must say, though, that my laugh of the day came reading a comment on that site where someone posted: "I haven’t understand a word he said. And I’m sure it’s some kind of English." I had no problem understanding, but sometimes when I go to the movies and people have, say, an English accent and talk too fast, I don't understand either. I listen to a lot of accents all day for my job and sometimes say that to myself, "I am sure it is some kind of English", so that comment just really made me laugh.

Buford Twain's Profile said...

@Me: That's funny, I saw that comment too. At the time I was just watching the video without the sound - so I had to turn on the sound and have a listen. At first I had a hard time understanding him, which is interesting because some time ago I had pretty much the EXACT SAME accent as that guy, but have been living in the USA so long now that it has mostly worn off. After a few seconds I was able to hone in on his accent and could understand just fine but it took just a little time to get used to it again. He is pretty matter-of-fact when he is describing having his hand pulled off..!