Saturday, April 11, 2009

I hope Aubrey De Grey is right, but somehow...

My body is slowly decaying. It is losing its ability to fight disease. I don't have any particularly nasty type of illness (that I know of) - I am talking about natural age-related decline, the type that we all must deal with sooner or later. Even today, I spent some quality time over at the emergency room - being prodded, probed (ouch!) and medicated.

This video of a Ted talk by Aubrey De Grey gives me some hope that perhaps some of us could be spared the unpleasantness of aging and dying. Is Mr. De Grey a crackpot, or a genius? At the very least, he's intelligent, funny and provocative.



CalebZ said...

Hi there,

Aubrey de Grey is only one out of many life extension researchers out there. There's a huge possibility that radical life extension may occur in our lifetimes if you're young now. The TED Talk you mentioned is great.


Buford Twain's Profile said...

Thanks for stopping by, CalebZ. I hope we are young enough for eternal life :) when's the cutoff I wonder?